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Professional Loft Boarding Service In Kent

Why choose Inta Lofts for your loft boarding needs

This is the best way to fully utilise the loft space within your home. The loft in most homes remains a room that is barely untouched normally down to safety issues. Many people avoid accessing the loft due to the fear of falling through the ceiling or the fear of storing something on a weak structure. With our loft boarding service we can put your mind at ease.

We will come and install boarding across your loft making suitable to walk across and store heavy items across. You can choose how much of the loft you would like boarded if you only want a section doing.

We have boarded many lofts and currently have a special offer which includes boarding, loft ladder and loft light. If you would like a free quote please call us on 01634 788030


Having boarding down in the loft allows you to store almost anything in your loft over long periods of time, giving you the perfect storage space in your home.  No longer will you have to spread items across the house when you can easily store them in your loft space and have peace of mind everything is safe.


With loft boarding you are able to walk and move freely around the loft space as and when you wish. The boarding is able to take your weight, allowing you to feel safe when accessing your loft space.  It also means you no longer have to jump across the joists to remain safe in your loft.

Loft Boarding Vs Loft Conversion:

Loft boarding is a much cheaper way of making your loft a usable space within your home, prices begin from a few hundred pounds with loft boarding where as a loft conversion could cost anywhere from £12000 +. If you’re looking to turn the loft space into a bedroom or regular room then we advise you get a loft conversion but If you require it for an occasional room then boarding is perfect. We have had clients, after having loft boarding installed, turn their lofts into things such as hobby rooms, workshops and offices.



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