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Area Coverage: We cover Kent & South London

Spacemaker Loft Ladder Easiway Loft Ladder Deluxe Loft Ladder Supreme - ECO S Line Concertina Telescopic

Spacemaker Loft Ladder

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Supreme Eco S Line Loft Ladder

Concertina Loft Ladder

Telescopic Loft Ladder

Our Loft Ladder Range: Prices Begin From Just £179

Loft Ladders Supplied & Installed From Just £179

Comes With A FREE Drop Down Door

Loft ladders make it easier to access your loft allowing you to make full use of the extra space. Many people leave the loft untouched due to the fact access is poor, but with a loft ladder using the loft becomes much easier. The loft is a brilliant storage space and with addition loft boarding it can even be used as an office or study which out the expensive cost of a loft conversion.

We cover all of Kent for loft ladders and with our unbeatable pricing along with loft ladder installation experience there is no better option when it comes to installing loft ladders in Kent. We are proud members of Medway Professionals and Checkatrade, we are also Kent Trading Standards approved.

Why not make maximum use of your loft and have it boarded

Why should you get a Loft Ladder?

A loft ladder really gives your loft a new lease of life, if something is hassle its not normally worth the time and a loft without a ladder is hassle, meaning the wonderful space in your home isn’t being fully utilized. A loft ladder will make access into your loft easier and effortless, allowing you to fully maximise your space. You can even add loft boarding and lighting which will maximise it further!! (See our special loft offer)

Easy Access:

Its true, having a loft ladder install provides easy access, without a loft ladder the only way in tends to be a step ladder which don’t tend to reach the height of your loft space meaning you have to climb into the loft. A loft ladder is a stair way straight into your loft.


As we have previously mentioned a loft ladder takes you straight into the loft without you having to climb into it offering a safer option. The ladder is also very sturdy and can take a large amount of weight without swaying. A loft ladder is always fixed to the loft hatch meaning the ladder won’t move which is a risk you take with a step ladder.

Loft Hatches & Lighting:

If you’re having a loft ladder installed its more than likely you will need a new loft hatch and maybe interested in lighting. Here at Inta Lofts we offer a standard new loft hatch free with our ladders, you can obviously upgrade if there was a certain hatch you required. Lighting starts from just £79.

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Just £179

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Just £379

From £489

Just £299

Just £379

Special Offer: The Complete Loft Package

Spacemaker Loft Ladder, Loft Boarding, Loft Door & Loft Light

All For Just £429

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